Lucas Bale

Award-Winning Speculative Fiction Author

McArthur's World is a frozen planet which has been bled dry by mineral mining corporations for three decades. When there is nothing left but ice and snow, the last freighter lifts off carrying away every remaining human being. When it crashes in a wilderness no one has ever returned from, there are only two survivors: a miner who wants to get back to the children he has not seen for two years, and the woman who forced him to come to McArthur's World in the first place.

They think they're alone, until the shrieks in the darkness come.



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Praise for What It Means To Survive


"There’s a lot happening in this short story, but it never feels like too much. Rather, it struck me as perfectly layered, and the narrative had me locked in a choke-hold throughout. It’s a fast, breezy read, but absolutely enthralling throughout. The finale is gutsy and as I watched the minutes left to read in my Kindle progress tracker tick down, I realized that I wasn’t quite ready for this story to end yet. I didn’t want to leave McAthur’s World."

Amazon Review, 5 Stars


"Having read and enjoyed his first novel, The Heretic, I was curious to know if Lucas Bale could keep up expectations. While waiting for The Heretic's sequel I can be satisfied with this short read as I found the same prose and ability to develop a good plot in a short range of pages. A new author to keep an eye on."

Amazon Review, 5 Stars


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