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Amazing stories from myself, USA Today Bestselling authors Michael Bunker, Edward W. Robertson and Ernie Lindsey, critically acclaimed authors such as Nick Cole and Richard Gleaves and fantastic voices like Peter Cawdron, Jennifer Ellis, Wendy Paine Miller, Chris Pourteau, Eric Tozzi and Forbes West.

What is Tales of Tinfoil? 

It is a dark and fictional reimagining of every conspiracy theory that ever lived. It is the JFK assassination, Area 51, the moon landing, the surveillance state. It is a French spy posing as Abraham Lincoln, it is a video game designed by the CIA, it is “Suicide Mickey.” It is Adolf Hitler and it is Elvis Presley. 

In this bizarre and wonderful short story collection, today’s top fiction authors pull back the curtain on the biggest conspiracies of all time. Who really killed JFK? What happened in Roswell, New Mexico? Is Elvis still alive? With stories that run the gamut from touching to thrilling to utterly deranged, Tinfoil will take you on a tour of paranoia you won’t soon forget. 

Twelve short stories, twelve conspiracy theories, twelve twisted rabbit holes. 

Hold on to your hats.

In addition, every story has an afterword from the author discussing the conspiracy theory and what led them to write the story.

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I couldn’t put this story down. It was fascinating, and not only because of the somewhat hidden conspiracy theory, but because of the exceptional characters. Umqy and his final fight for recognition is a fantastic story on its own, let alone Scott’s remarkable story of survival. Added to that the mystery of the storm that brings the two of them together and this is an extraordinary tale that just has to be read. This is one of the stand outs for me.
— Goodreads Review of Chukotka
I loved this story. The story is told from two perspectives, a man from the U.S. and an old Chukchi hunter. This story is about so much more than the conspiracy theory that shapes it. The characters are vibrant and real. This is a story of different cultures, language barriers, fear, compassion and bonding together to help one another even when we don’t understand. I could have read an entire book based upon the characters that Mr. Bale created. This was a beautiful story. I read a lot of stories, but this one truly touched my heart. The language barrier between the characters led to misunderstandings and somewhat harsh judgments, but it was interesting to see the characters move toward understanding and having compassion for one another as the story progressed. I’d add this story to the must read list and am looking forward to checking out some of Mr. Bale’s other work.
— Amazon Review of Chukotka
With some of the best indie fiction authors like Ernie Lindsey (Sara’s Game, Sky Noise), Michael Bunker (Pennsylvania, Brother,Frankenstein), Nick Cole (Soda Pop Soldier, The Wasteland Saga) and Peter Cawdron (Anomaly, Monsters), just to name a few, this anthology doesn’t miss a beat.
— Amazon Review
What an incredible collection of stories. All of them were superbly written, and I loved them all, but I want to mention the ones that impressed me the most. “Under the Grassy Knoll” by Richard Gleaves, hit it right out of the park. What an amazing story. I almost didn’t want to read on, for fear of being disappointed. But my fears were soon laid to rest. “Chukotka” by Lucas Bale was an insightful look at how we as humans coexist and what our priorities should be (in the face of man tinkering with nature). “The French Deception” by Chris Pourteau was so well done, it almost convinced me that the life of Abraham Lincoln needed another look. “That’s a Wrap From the Sea of Tranquility” by Eric Tozzi was a great read about a conspiracy that has captured my attention for a long time — whether or not the Moon Landing really happened. And finally, I think my very favorite story was “Manufacturing Elvis” by Jennifer Ellis. I’ve never been an Elvis fan, but that story made me rethink the importance of that entertainer in my life. I think I might go look him up. I heard he’s still alive somewhere in Bermuda. All in all, this anthology was well worth the read. These authors are some of the finest, and you can depend on them to produce top-notch, well-written stories each and every time. Tales of Tinfoil is a winner.
— Amazon Review

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