Lucas Bale

Award-Winning Speculative Fiction Author

"Calling 'The Heretic' a Post-Apocalyptic novel doesn't do this justice. Plot and character driven, Bale doesn't neglect the world-building necessary to turn regular fiction into compelling Sci Fi. An excellent debut."
SciFi365 Book of the Week, October 2nd, 2014

"World building is one of Bale's strengths and he has created something which draw readers in and hooks them for the next instalment. It's the easy familiarity of several other genre favourites, ranging from A Song of Ice and Fire to Farscape and Star Wars, alongside a wonderful Firefly vibe, and coupled with Bale's unique and ambitious take, that makes The Heretic an enjoyable and compelling read."
Michael Patrick Hicks, author of Convergence and Consumption

"Lucas Bale's debut novel is gripping, suspenseful science fiction. It seizes you right from the first word, and the chase scene at the climax of the story is some of the finest writing I've seen in the genre."
Alex Roddie, author of The Atholl Expedition and The Only Genuine Jones

"A gem of a story. A fine science fiction adventure and a strong debut from a new author, may there be more to come from him."
Michael Brookes, author of Faust 2.0 and The Cult of Me




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