Lucas Bale

Award-Winning Speculative Fiction Author

Silver Medal Winner, 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards (Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Ebook)


The darkness in the human heart is infinite.

Earth is gone. Centuries have passed since life ended on the blue planet. Humanity's survivors are now dispersed among distant colonies, thousands of light years from the barren, frozen rock that was once their home. 

At a time when power means everything, the ultimate power, the imperium, rests with the Consulate Magistratus. In return for its protection, citizens must concede their rights absolutely. The Magistratus controls interstellar travel, access to technology, even procreation. Every citizen is implanted with a device to monitor their location, health and emotions. Freedom, religion and self-determination are anachronisms.

The murder of a man in the lowest caste is seen as inconsequential, but Weaver, one of the few Caesteri lawmen who still believes in justice, refuses to ignore it. Fighting his own indoctrination, and the voice inside his mind that forces him to ignore his conscience, he follows the trail of evidence all the while struggling to hang on to the thin thread of his humanity. 

The killer he hunts is violent and unstable, and haunted by her own callous ghosts. A woman who sells her body to fuel her drug addiction. She possesses an almost supernatural ability navigate the wormholes which connect humanity's distant colonies - an ability the Magistratus fears and must eradicate. Weaver will follow her to a planet the Magistratus has abandoned, where the only law is that of criminals. And then to the furthest reaches of space, where the truth that awaits them leads to the corrupt heart of the Republic - a truth the Magistratus will do anything to conceal.

The war to control humanity's future is about to begin...


Defiance is the award-winning second book in the Beyond the Wall series, an epic, hard science-fiction space opera about the future of humanity and the discovery of the truth of its past.

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Praise for Defiance

“The whole book has the word play of Will Self, the visceral violence of Neil Cross and the epic sweep of Iain M. Banks – that’s quite a combination, but Bale manages to combine those elements and takes the reader on a roller coaster of tension which you don’t want to stop.”
— Amazon Review, 5 Stars
Defiance is an excellent book. It’s classic science fiction, written with skill and panache. Good as it is, I think that Lucas Bale is only just getting into his stride, and that the best of this series is still to come.
— Amazon Review, 5 Stars
I greatly enjoyed Lucas Bale’s The Heretic when it released earlier this year, finding it to be the beginning of an ambitious science-fiction series with a heck of a lot of promise. Book Two in his Beyond The Wall series, Defiance, struck me as even better in nearly every way.
— Amazon Review, 5 Stars
Loved the first book in the series but liked this one even better! It’s like watching a great movie - full of suspense and surprises and tons of heart-pounding action! But there is also depth to the characters - the author takes you beyond the surface to see their motivations and the experiences that have caused them to act the way they do. I like that he treats the reader with respect and makes us think rather than spelling everything out. I like the fact that I can not guess the ending - I hate predictable books. I did not want the book to end - and now I can’t wait for the next book to come out!
— Amazon Review, 5 Stars
These stories are finely written ... and rush the reader onwards with the characters through fears, intrigue and battles, full of enough descriptive detail to bring everything to life without lingering boringly on any specific. Like vision, we see what is before us and needs to be seen without dwelling on the periferal.
— Amazon Review, 4 Stars

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