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A Shroud of Night and Tears – May 27th, 2015

The Truth Is Finally Here.

It's been a while coming, I know. I released Defiance in November 2014, and I had intended A Shroud of Night and Tears for early May 2015. However, as books unfold, particularly those longer works, storylines crystallise and characters take courses that sometimes surprise you. Writing a book is an organic process and ideas emerge as you write that were never going to present themselves until you were knee-deep in the prose. It's magical, really.

So, as I wrote Shroud, I found myself beginning to explore places that I hadn't realised existed – dark corners of the Beyond the Wall universe that had hidden themselves even from me. When I began planning (or should I say, plotting) Shroud, I extended that process to include the fourth, and final, book in the series, Into A Silent Darkness. In essence, whilst planning and structuring, I was effectively plotting both. In fact, by the time Shroud is released in three weeks' time, Into A Silent Darkness will already be 20,000 words to the good, including its  shocking, and harrowing, opening sequence. Yet that planning couldn't predict some of the turns the prose took (for both books) and there were times where I just had to go with it.

I've been thrilled at the growth in interest in Beyond the Wall in the last few months. I'm excited to see how readers react to the way in which I draw all the threads together – I know many of you have been hugely eager to read the next instalment for that reason alone. I wrote a post, not long ago, on why I chose to tell the story the way I did. I want every reader to think that the choices I made were the right ones for them, and their experience of the unfolding story.

So, the most important date is the release date, which will be Wednesday, May 27th, 2015. Mark your diaries!

Shroud already has its own Goodreads page, and there will be a Facebook launch party on the day of the release. I can't say who'll be there, but there will be some great indie speculative fiction authors in attendance and I have no doubt they will be giving stuff away. I will too. I'll update you in due course, but stay tuned to my Facebook page for details

There's some more news too, but I'm not allowed to say anything until Wednesday – pretty big news, I'd say, and an email I couldn't quite believe when I saw it. I've even taken a screenshot of it for you. Again, I'll put that on Facebook too, so check back there when you get a moment on Wednesday.


Here's the blurb for Shroud:


If war shapes the universe, truth destroys it.

A criminal becomes a leader, hiding a tiny colony of survivors from the savagery of men driven wild by a ruthless regime.

A smuggler harbours refugees from a brutal attack on their defenceless village, including a young boy who, wracked by loss, now seeks revenge. A preacher with a hidden agenda controls their destiny. 

A servant of the Magistratus, a lawman who once believed in justice, now seeks the truth of the planet his masters will kill to hide. A stim-addicted navigator, haunted by her past, also wants answers. Why she was chosen to work with a salvage crew destined to die in that same wild, remote part of space.

And a spy is blackmailed into informing against those he serves as he realises their involvement in a conspiracy that could bring about the end of the Magistratus.

All of them will be drawn together by hidden forces, their lives soon to be shattered by cataclysmic events they can neither predict nor escape. 

The truth waits in the shadows.


All words copyright Lucas Bale, 2015