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A Shroud of Night and Tears Cover Reveal

Okay, I should be writing and, honestly, I am. I have been all morning and I need a break. So, instead, I thought I'd write some more and blog a little. I've been pretty poor in my efforts to maintain a regular blog and my thousands of readers (yes, I am going to add zeros to the Squarespace metrics every time, thank you) are getting antsy. So, after the amazingly successful release of No Way Home, and the fact I managed to get my story in on time to David Gatewood for his Tales of Tinfoil anthology, I thought I'd update you on Book Three of Beyond the Wall.

before I do that, I should tell you that the No Way Home team have all signed on for a second anthology, the theme for which will remain secret for now. We've added to it too – the brilliant Ceinwen Langley will be joining us making a total of nine stories. Release date will be in August 2015, but check back for more updates (or sign up to my mailing list.)

A Shroud of Night and Tears is 70% complete. It's a bigger, more complex task than Defiance so is taking longer. It's a more involved story, bringing together threads from seven protagonist characters, as well as the rest of the cast, so I am sure as hell going to make it perfect before I send it off to Mr. Gatewood to edit. But, you'll be pleased to know, we're still looking at a May release.

I planned Shroud and Into a Silent Darkness, Book Four, a while ago and began writing them together for continuity and consistency. But, as is often the case with these things, both of them took on a life of their own as the characters began to tell me where they want to go. The story structure has remained the same throughout, ever since I started planning way back in 2013, and then writing The Heretic, but so much detail and texture has been added since then. New characters to tell the story better, more scope to the setting.

Additionally, as if I didn't already have enough on my plate, I am writing a new short story (although every short I write is really a novelette, according to Hugo and Nebula) for the second anthology to follow No Way Home. This story, nominally entitled The Pugilist, will be set in the Beyond the Wall universe, and will be a standalone story within the series setting.

And because you're all worth it, and I think you're all great, I've decided now is the time to show you the Shroud cover, one of Jason Gurley's last covers. Is this the best? Well, take a look at all three together and tell me what you think.


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