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No Way Home is Released

Strong, dramatic and thought-provoking stories, all with a powerful take-home message.
— E.E. Giorgi, author of the award-winning bestseller Chimeras

As I said in a previous post, I recently curated an anthology called No Way Home. It was an exciting and interesting experience, drawing together some very talented speculative fiction authors, coming up with a theme and then collating and editing their stories with Alex Roddie. It is released today and 99c for this week only. CLICK THE COVER to see it.

The theme of being stranded is something that is close to everyone's heart. Home is important to who we are and those roots are central to our well-being. it's why being separated from our homes, from a place we can say is ours, is so horrifying.

The wonderful thing about working in a group like this is that we have been to bounce concepts off each other, support each others' work and, most importantly, get together to write an anthology like No Way Home.

We approached the task as different authors do, bringing our individual takes to the central theme of being stranded. Each story approaches this human concept from a different angle, with a different style. An approach which makes this book richer for it. Something reviewers have noted and agreed with. In a recent post, Alex Roddie, writing as A. S. Sinclair told us a little about what inspired him to write Cold Witness. In fact, the Afterwords from each author have been of great interest to reviewers – how these stories came about and what drove them.

This anthology has a great premise. The unifying theme of being stranded grabbed my attention immediately, and the myriad ways that the authors explored the theme kept me interested all the way through. Every story was interesting, well-written, and utilized the theme in a different way. I really appreciated that diversity; reading a book-full of people simply stuck somewhere over and over would have been nowhere near as wonderful.
— S.E. Lehenbauer

Jennifer Foehner Wells, author of the bestselling space opera Fluency, told me it would be an honour to write the foreword for us and that capped it off perfectly. Her foreword is as compelling and relevant to our time as any I have seen in years.

The entire anthology, No Way Home, when taken as a collective whole, is great. The range of stories runs the gamut between psychological horror to science fiction action adventure. Each author took the theme of ‘no way home’ and did something unique and enjoyable. I was impressed by the authorial chops that came together for this compilation along with the sheer volume of ideas expounded upon.
— Anthony Vicino

Reviewers have loved it so far and their observations have exceeded even our wildest expectations. Several stories have emerged as being favourites, but the truth is that different readers have enjoyed different stories. There is, in the truest sense, something for everyone.

When I first read the premise of these short stories, I thought it both an interesting and a hard theme to pull off in short story form. Establishing a concise and well-formulated beginning, middle and end is always a challenge when writing shorts, but the “No Way Home” theme invites the use of elaborate back stories and complicated plots that require a deftness of writing not all authors possess. Thankfully, this cast of writers were up to the task.
— Amazon Review

The result of all our collaborative efforts is the book on this page. We are proud of it, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it.


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