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George R. R. Martin's Original Pitch for A Song of Ice and Fire

I remember the time I walked into Books Etc on Fleet Street in London, having been told about an epic fantasy series when I asked a friend for advice on something new to read. It was a decade ago now, but when I picked up A Game of Thrones, and read the first few pages, I found a chair and sat down with it. Rain hammered against the windows outside, but even if it had been radiant sunshine, I doubt I would have moved from that spot. Fifteen minutes later, with trembling hands, I paid for A Game of Thrones, and A Clash of Kings, and left. I read the series and did not regret one second of the time I spent on it. It truly is one of the great fantasy epics. Now come on George, let's finish it.

So you can probably imagine my surprise, and keen interest, when I discovered that Waterstones had posted images of the original pitch by Martin to his agent, Ralph Vicinanza. Reportedly on display at the London office of HarperCollins (albeit this is unconfirmed), this letter is pretty fantastic.

Now, very important, this letter contains spoilers!


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