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No Way Home - A New Speculative Fiction Anthology

Late last year, I set up a writers group. I didn't know it was a 'writers group' at the time – I simply reached out to a number of self-published authors and asked if they'd like to pool ideas and beta-read for each other. The group grew over time and now there are eight of us: S. Elliot Brandis, J.S. Collyer, S.W. Fairbrother, Michael Patrick Hicks, Harry Manners, Nadine Matheson and Alex Roddie. And myself, obviously. I think the group contains some of the most exciting new speculative fiction authors working today.

The exciting thing about working in a group like this is that we can all bounce concepts off each other, support each others' work and, most importantly, get together to write an anthology like No Way Home. The blurb and cover reveal are below. Release is slated for March 2nd, 2015. All eight stories will be in the order of 10,000 words or more, so this is going to be a good 300+ page book. Jennifer Foehner Wells, author of the bestselling, and brilliant, Fluency, told me it would be an honour to write the foreword for us.

For me, the anthology was a chance to write the prelude to the next series I intend to release later this year, nominally entitled Maquisard. Not to dwell on this, because I want to focus on Beyond the Wall, but Maquisard is set in our near future, and based around an occupying alien civilisation which has annexed what is left of a space-faring humanity after they invade its colonies. To Sing of Chaos and Eternal Night, my contribution to the anthology, will begin the process of introducing readers to that new setting.

The anthology was also a chance for my friend, Alex Roddie, to flex his speculative fiction muscles, leading him to create an entire new persona in A.S. Sinclair. Alex loved the challenge of writing in a new genre, and the fresh take he was able to give it from his own work. The result, I think, is reminiscent of James Herbert and possibly even H.P. Lovecraft. That was how I felt when I read Cold Witness, his contribution. I think we may see more from him in future! Anyway, here's the blurb and the cover. Release is March 2nd. Sign up to my mailing list if you want to know more nearer the time! It will be 99c for the first 48hrs, so pick it up quickly!

No Way Home.

Stories From Which There is No Escape.

Nothing terrifies us more than being stranded. Helpless, forsaken, cut-off. Locked in a place from which there is no escape, no way to get home.

A soldier trapped in an endless war, dies over and over, only to be awakened each time to fight again – one of the last remaining few seeking to save mankind from extinction. 

In rural 70’s England, an RAF radio engineer returns to an abandoned military installation, but begins to suffer hallucinations, shifts in time and memories that are not his own. 

A widower, one of ten thousand civilian space explorers, is sent alone to determine his assigned planet's suitability for human colonisation, but stumbles across a woman who is part of the same program and shouldn’t be there at all.

A depressed woman in a poverty-stricken near-future America, where political apathy has allowed special interests to gain control of the country, takes part in a particularly unpleasant crowd-funding platform, established by the nation’s moneyed elite to engage the masses. 

An assassin from the future, sent back in time to murder a woman, is left stranded when he fails in his mission and knows he will soon cease to exist. 

These sometimes dark, sometimes heart-warming, but always insightful stories and more are to be found in No Way Home, where eight of the most exciting new voices in speculative fiction explore the mental, physical and even meta-physical boundaries that imprison us when we are lost.


All words copyright Lucas Bale, 2015