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Beyond the Wall Continues – Defiance Cover Reveal

I am now some 22,000 words into Defiance, the next book in the Beyond the Wall series. The story, although plotted well in advance because the series demands a certain structure, is taking its own micro shape in my head and on the page. The characters are beginning to come alive and forge their own paths. The setting is becoming three-dimensional and filled with colour and texture.

Beyond the Wall is suddenly beginning to come alive.

I hope to have the first draft done within a month. I'd like to get it off to David Gatewood, my editor, by early October. Then, with reworking and so on, it's a release date of the end of October, early November. Around that time I'll be looking for ARC readers – I'll hit my mailing list for that so sign up now if you'd like to a chance to get a free ARC copy in advance.

I envisage each book will be around 200-220 pages or around 55-60,000 words. I intend to release every three months and each book will be series episodic – a complete story-arc in its own right, but part of a larger series story-arc too. The characters will swap around to begin with – for example, Jordi, Shepherd and the preacher do not feature as POV characters in Defiance, but the events on Herse do. New characters will be introduced – new players in the drama – but we will arc back to the Soteria crew later on.

To celebrate the work I've been doing lately, and because I've now turned full-time, here is the cover for Defiance. It's a slightly darker episode of the whole and the themes and concepts reflect that, as does the cover. I hope you like it!

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