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The Heretic is Now Available to Buy

The wait is over.

The Heretic is now available to buy on pretty much all major platforms.

i am really excited to see how people receive this book. Eight reviews already on Goodreads (6 five-star reviews, two four-star). Six reviews on Amazon (all five stars). And, as of yesterday when it went live and had some sales (to check listings and so on), check this out:

That's the UK site. Not a bad start. You can help me keep that sales rank at 4 digits. And perhaps we can keep The Heretic in the Top Twenty in Science Fiction > Colonisation and Hard Science Fiction (or maybe even the Top Ten). Below is the Colonisation list in the Kindle Store...

Amazing, huh? Well, thank you! It's because of you, buying the book and enjoying it. So, up for keeping it there? Well, it's only 99p in the UK, or 99c in the US and Canada, and maybe, you'll love it!

It's available through through Amazon (as both Kindle ebook and CreateSpace paperback), Kobo, Nook (Barnes and Noble), iBookstore, Scribd and Page Foundry. Buying links are here:

Discover it on Goodreads.

Buy it on Amazon (UK).

Buy it on Amazon (US).

Buy it on Kobo.

Buy it on Nook (Barnes and Noble).

Buy it on iBookstore.

Buy it on Scribd.

Buy it on Page Foundry (Inktera).

And in a few days, the Limited Edition First Imprint copies will arrive in the UK (Surrey, to be precise) and the grand unveiling can begin! I had envisaged a video of me opening the box, perhaps some excited commentary and some hugs and kisses from the family.

But Hugh Howey already did that.


So I'll have to come up with something even more inventive to mark the occasion of the arrival of my first book, in paperback, in my hands.

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