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Spectrum Books Reviews The Heretic

Spectrum Books is a new digital publisher. They are looking to work with independent, diverse and talented new writers. Their deal is a 50/50 Royalty Split and they're looking for all types of fiction: Contemporary, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, Science Fiction and Women's Fiction.

It was my pleasure to be interviewed by them recently interviewed. The interview can be found on their (rather beautiful) website. They also reviewed The Heretic, which was great and I've reproduced the review below, because it's pretty special. Thanks so much to Spectrum for their time and asking to interview me!

The Heretic has the classic themes of great sci-fi fiction. A post apocalyptic life, colonization, rebellion and revolution combined with the essential ingredients that make up a great thriller. The Heretic is full of anticipation and suspense.

The main characters are Shepherd, the loner freighter pilot, who’s happier when he’s transporting illicit cargo in his spaceship and Jordi; the teenage boy who appears to be more than just a survivor. Shepherd and Jordi’s own motivations mixed with our own knowledge that there is something bigger going on adds to the atmospheric feel of ‘The Heretic.’

Lucas Bale has successfully crated an authentic and detailed post apocalyptic world with memorable characters and a well structured and executed plot. Furthermore, it’s very rare that a spaceship becomes a character in itself (the only other fictional spaceship that comes to mind is the Millenium Falcon). In fact, chapter sixteen, in which Soteria the spaceship truly comes alive as a character, was one of my favourite chapters. You can never really have any complaints about an interstellar space chase and the addition of the Soteria blueprints adds to experience.

The strength of this impressive debut is the quality of the writing and Bale’s ability to introduce us to a vivid and carefully layered world in which he gradually builds up the suspension before he annoyingly slams the door in our face with the final chapter. Why did he do that? Of course he had no choice but to end ‘The Heretic’ Book One with a cliffhanger but that didn’t make me feel any better when I reached the last page but that’s the point of having a trilogy. You have to leave the reader wanting more and Lucas Bale has certainly achieved that. The Heretic is a must read for any sci-fi fan and even you’re not, I would still recommend that you pick this book up and read it.
— Spectrum Books, Review of The Heretic

All words copyright Lucas Bale, 2015