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Beyond the Wall to be Stocked by Fantask in Copenhagen

Last week I met with a wonderful lady by the name of Marit, who just happens to own one of the oldest, and most popular, comic stores in Copenhagen, Denmark – Fantask. This amazing shop has been devoted to science-fiction and fantasy for over thirty years, and even lists on its website Locus recommended reading. It also stocks english-language science-fiction and fantasy. Just take a look at the book section of their website to see the likes of RA Salvatore, Alastair Reynolds, Neil Gaiman and Joe Haldeman. After a long conversation about science-fiction books, comics, role-playing games and various other stuff, she took a look at The Heretic and Defiance. It didn't take long for her to read enough of the books to decide she wanted to stock both books in advance of the Christmas rush, and to arrange a book signing event in the new year. It's an honour to be on the shelves next to some of the biggest names in science-fiction and fantasy.

This morning, the books arrived and I'll be taking them over to Fantask tomorrow. But here's a sneak preview of the books, ready to be put on the shelves. All the books will be signed by me, so if you're in Copenhagen, pop along and pick up your copies before they're sold out! They're on Skt. Pedersstræde 18 and 35, 1453 København.


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