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Defiance is Available for Pre-Order and What It Means To Survive is Available to Buy!

November is always a big month for fiction writers. NaNoWriMo is front-and-centre as usual and, as usual, I'm too late to get involved. There's been too much going on this last six to eight weeks for me to get my act together and sign up. However, I'm doing it anyway. By December 1st, I intend to have written 50,000 words in the month of November. I've written 5,000 so far so I need to get a shift on...

I'm working on a number of projects are the moment – a short story for an anthology with some fantastic indie sci-fi authors as well as Book 3 of the Beyond the Wall series, nominally entitled INSURGENCY. I'm also looking to write a few more shorts, including one inspired by a topic very close to my heart – Operation Bulbasket. It's a sci-fi short, so the setting will be very different from Second-World-War France, but the themes come from that combined SAS/SOE and Maquisard operation. The short will actually be called, MAQUISARD. A close-friend's uncle was one of the SAS soldiers killed during the operation and we are soon to visit Rom, in the Deux-Sèvres region of France where he is buried. If you fancy reading about it, Paul McCue's book is excellent.

But the big news is that Book 2, of Beyond the Wall, DEFIANCE, is available to pre-order. Just click the cover to the right. The first book, THE HERETIC, was recently named as SCIFI365's October 2nd Book of the Week. Many thanks to them for that – what an honour!

Lucas Bale’s debut, ‘The Heretic’, hasn’t had a single bad review on Amazon or elsewhere. That alone makes it a strong Scifi365 Book of the Week candidate. The fact that it’s a great slice of character driven Science Fiction seals the deal. Calling ‘The Heretic’ a Post-Apocalyptic novel doesn’t do this justice. Plot and character driven, Bale doesn’t neglect the world building necessary to turn regular fiction into compelling Sci Fi. We’re not surprised that we couldn’t find a single bad review of this excellent debut.
— SCIFI365 Review

And as if that wasn't all enough, I've been writing a little more too. My first short story, WHAT IT MEANS TO SURVIVE is also out. Again, click on the cover, this time to the left to mix things up a little, to buy a copy. And please leave a review, if you have time.

McArthur's World is a frozen planet which has been bled dry by mineral mining corporations for three decades. When there is nothing left but ice and snow, the last freighter lifts off carrying away every remaining human being. When it crashes in a wilderness no one has ever returned from, there are only two survivors: a miner who wants to get back to the children he has not seen for two years, and the woman who forced him to come to McArthur's World in the first place. 

They think they're alone, until the shrieks in the darkness come.

It already has two 5-star reviews!

As ever, thanks for reading, and I'll let you know how things go with both books in the coming weeks.




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