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Defiance is Out!

Finally, here it is. Publication Day. Relief flooded with nerves. Again, I'm laid bare, ready for readers to drink in and taste every word I've got for them. Damn, this means so much to me! I want them to love reading it as much as I've loved writing it. At last, my second book is out. Click the cover to the right to head over to Amazon.

Okay, I accept What It Means To Survive came out before Defiance, but that's a short and certainly doesn't have as much time invested in it as Defiance does. Also, Defiance has begun to define me as a writer. It's a natural progression of my voice and my storytelling. Writing a debut novel is one thing, but following it up with a second book, particularly when you're self-publishing, is something entirely different. It's harrowing. You're changing, the publishing world is changing and your readers expect perfection.

The Heretic has received some brilliant reviews. It hasn't broken out by any means, but it has a nice reach; a good readership. And it's been well-received. The number of people who are fans of my writing is growing steadily. So Defiance had to be the best work I could possibly put out. It had to be good. I couldn't disappoint the people who have put their confidence in me.

No pressure.

But I'm really happy with the way Defiance has turned out. Really happy. It's darker, maybe, than The Heretic. However, it represents a growth in my abilities as a writer and storyteller, and also paints the setting for the Beyond the Wall universe with more breathtaking colour, texture and scope than The Heretic could possibly hope to achieve. If The Heretic was a trailer – a hook to draw you in – Defiance is when the story begins to bloom and unfold. When you really begin to understand what I am doing. It's a risk, I know: new characters, and only passing references to the events on Herse, might disappoint some people. Stay with me, please.

Beyond the Wall is only going to get better and better.

Some beta readers have said astonishing things – that Defiance was the sort of book to turn readers into superfans. I hope that's true because I think this series is something special. I think this is what real space opera is supposed to be. Gripping, suspenseful, real. Twists, followed by cliffhangers. Breathtaking action. Characters you fall in love with, root for and that change and learn and grow over the course of the series. A setting which reacts to the story events. Epic scope, detailed imagery. Beauty, faith and hope.

Comment below, or email me. Tell me what you think. Who you love and why. What you want to see happen next. What moved you, what left you breathless. Live it with me.


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