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Covers ARE important...

On 31st December 2013, Jason Gurley and I concluded a conversation which led to me inviting him to design the covers for the Beyond the Wall series. A beautiful cover really completes a book. Even on a Kindle, a breathtaking cover makes the experience something special. But, let’s be honest, the reality is covers are critical to any book being picked up, or clicked on, by a prospective reader. Once you click on the cover, then it’s down to me to persuade you this novel is worth your time (and money). But getting you to click? That’s down to Jason and, frankly, he suits my style and vision perfectly. I cannot explain how excited I am he is designing my covers.

Well, come to think of it, I can explain:


Or there's this one:


So, I think you'll agree the man knows how to design covers. But as to which one I choose from the designs he provides me with? That’s where you come in…

I'd like you to be involved. When they're available, I am going to put the drafts up here and we'll have a debate about which one's are best. Fancy that?


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