Lucas Bale

Award-Winning Speculative Fiction Author

If war shapes the universe, truth destroys it.


A criminal becomes a leader, hiding a tiny colony of survivors from the savagery of twisted men.

A smuggler harbours refugees from a brutal attack on their defenseless village.

A young boy, wracked by loss, now seeks revenge.

A servant of the Magistratus, a lawman who once believed in justice, searches for the truth behind the planet his masters will kill to hide. 

A stim-addicted navigator, haunted by her past, wants answers. Why she was chosen to ride with a salvage crew destined to die in a remote, nameless part of space. 

And a spy is blackmailed into informing against those he serves. What he knows could bring about the end of the Republic.

All will be drawn together by hidden forces, and their lives shattered by cataclysmic events they can neither predict... nor escape.


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Praise for A Shroud of Night and Tears

I consider it a privilege to follow the development of a rare talent. Lucas Bale will become one the SF genre’s outstanding writers.
— Amazon 5-star Review
Robert Heinlein and Philip K. Dick are in a dark, smoky bar having a drink. The door opens, the men turn to look, raise their glasses in a toast to the young gentleman entering the bar. Lucas Bale is that young gentleman. Bale’s writing is classic sci-fi.
— Amazon 5-star Review
Easily one of the best sci-fi titles I’ve read this year, and one of the strongest space opera books I’ve read in ages. It is, in short, phenomenal!
— Amazon 5-Star Review
I loved this book. I like Lucas Bale’s characters, I like the universe he’s weaving, and the themes he chooses to pursue in his science fiction are fascinating to me. Better still, this is by no means the final chapter of Beyond the Wall; in many ways the story has only just begun.
— Amazon 5-star Review
Goodness, where do I begin? This is such a thrill filled kaleidoscope of swirling drama that a brief description is beyond me. Suffice it to say that in this, the third book of the Beyond the Wall series, the main characters of the first two stories are finally brought together to continue to p!ay out their various roles, chosen and otherwise, of rebellion, trust, betrayal, vio!ence and, hopefully, survival. From sentient ships, through a drug inspired navigator and implant controlled soldiers to an innocent youth still grieving for his brother, all of the main protagonists are artfully drawn as we follow them on the journies they do not understand and which lead them into ever increasing fear and danger. Trust no one. Believe nothing you are told. But enjoy the fabulous descriptions.

This is an ever more complex story which keeps the readers, as well as the main protagonists guessing as the horizons shift almost as fast as the pages turn. In my review of the second book in this series, I gave only four stars but said that I believed that the next one could perhaps merit five stars if the author continued the development and promise shown. A Should of Night and Tears has far exceeded my expectations and my head is still reeling - how long will I have to wait until book four?
— Amazon 5-star Review
This third volume in the Beyond the Wall series brings characters from the preceding two together and gives the reader a bigger picture. This is a longer book than its predecessors and a really exciting and meaty read. Lucas Bale doesn’t merely tell you about his settings, he has the ability to take you there. We have followed several groups of people, been let into the politics of the group and their repressive ‘Republic’ and we’ve felt the desire they have to be free. They are all fitted with implants and heavily monitored by security cameras and gunships. It’s all a bit grim.

There are several brilliant revelatory moments in this book. I felt as if I’d been gazing at my navel then suddenly looked up. The author has the ability to change your view of his world in a sentence or two and it happens here more than once. I soon tire of the kind of science fiction which is just one relentless war after another but this is all driven by people. It’s like studying something at a cellular level and I’m left wanting to know what’s going to happen now. This is intelligently conceived and elegantly written science fiction and I’ve found this series getting better with each book.
— Amazon 5-star Review

All words copyright Lucas Bale, 2015